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Pocket Filters, F5,6,7,8,9, M,G Open mouth available,ready for setup as frame Seperator sewing by ultrasonic,crosscutter panels or Unwinder as Roll..


Pocket Filters, F5,6,7,8,9, M,G

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Filters Ultrasonic welding: in the ultrasonics industry, filtration is the treatment of materials used to make objects that filtrate air, liquids or dust. One of the industries where ultrasonic equipment is most widespread is filters manufacturing. They are usually composed out of finely hatched polyamide fabrics capable to filtrate at a micrometric level, commonly adopted in the biomedical field. Uses of filters ultrasonic welding Usually, ultrasonic technology is employed in pleated filters, made mostly out of thermoplastic materials such as polypropylene or those lacking silicon treatments and handled to create filtering tubes of various sizes according to usage...

Filters Ultrasonic welding

Pocket Filters, F5,6,7,8,9, M,G.

With ultrasonic technology it is possible to weld many different products, such as the following: Single and multi-layered pleated filters; Bag filters; Plastic ring soldering on tube-shaped filters; Air-oil filters ; Filtering nets/fabrics; Welding tubular filters; Outer plastic protection for oil filters;.

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The machines that we custom engineer, and custom build, are manufacturing automated machines. Custom engineering and machine building play a huge part in automating the manufacturing process for your product. The goal of our custom engineering is to design a machine that assembles your product in the simplest way possible. Custom manufacturing automation is truly the best way to get your products out to the world. Essentially building a custom engineered machine makes manufacturing easy...

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