Ultrasonic Welding,Sealing,Cutting and Other Systems - 7/24 Service


Apart from specific machinery products, we contribute in your production with regard to special machine designs that your company requires by supplying with you ULTRASONIC SET.

Ultrasonic Zipper Slot Cutting

Zipper Slot Cutting

Ultrasonic Accessories Applications

Accessories Applications

Ultrasonic Accessories Applications 2

Accessories Applications 2

Ultrasonic Label Slitting

Label Slitting

Ultrasonic Label Applications

Label Applications

Ultrasonic Nonwoven Bonding

Nonwoven Bonding

Ultrasonic Sewing Trackless

Sewing Trackless

Ultrasonic Waterproof Sealing

Water Proof Sealing

Ultrasonic Nonwoven Bag

Nonwoven Bag

Ultrasonic Cutting

Ultrasonic Cutting

Ultrasonic Edge Forming

Edge Forming

Ultrasonic Bra Cup Forming

Bra Cup Forming

Ultrasonic Binding of Sewing

Binding of Sewing

Ultrasonic Bra Accessories

Bra Accessories

Ultrasonic Hook & Eye Source

Hook & Eye Source

Ultrasonic Zipper Form

Zipper Form

Ultrasonic Nonwoven+PP

Nonwoven + PP

Ultrasonic Bonding

Ultrasonic Bonding

Ultrasonic Quilting

Ultrasonic Quilting

Ultrasonic Quilting 2

Ultrasonic Quilting 2