Ultrasonic Welding,Sealing,Cutting and Other Systems - 7/24 Service

Sonimak Ultrasonic Systems
All critical parts at different frequencies and powers used in ultrasonic sets and machineries are available in our inventories. In order to maintain production continuity of our customer, as per our mission and vision, all spare parts are available in our company.

We provide technical support and part supply for different ultrasonic machineries.


Whatsoever the brand name, while servicing, we learn the machinery specification and then critical parts are specified, so maintenance is performed on-site where machinery located in.

If on-site maintenance is difficult, machine is accepted into our technical service department, here connected to our test devices, and failure service report is prepared and delivered to our customer, after confirmation of our customer therewith, machinery is taken under maintenance and delivered.

Sonimak Ultrasonic Systems

All services we provide our customer is realized under agreements.
We work 7/24 in order to serve you better.
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  • Generator Box
  • Transducer-Convertor
  • Horn
  • Roller

Sonimak Ultrasonic Systems